Jackie Sears

Jackie was born in London, trained as a nurse – which gave her many opportunities for a varied life. She is married to Brian, has 3 children and 6 grandchildren – and feels very blessed.

Her career has involved Cardiothoracic nursing, Macmillan nursing, and caring for people with AIDS via a charity.   In the mid 80’s she was a founder member of ACET – (Aids Care Education and Training) – and spent 5 years caring for people with AIDS in the West London area and in Romania and Uganda.  She commissioned and managed a hospice in St Albans.

Jackie was ordained in 1999 – and has worked as a Hospital Chaplain, and Vicar – a life full of tragedy but lots of hope.  

In recent times (11 years), and building on the tragedy of the Ipswich murders in 2006 – she has been a founding trustee for the Talitha Koum charity (www.talithakoum.org.uk ) – a post detox residential community for women with addictive behaviour – based in Witnesham, Ipswich.

The Talitha Koum hope is to reach out with love, compassion and practical support to women struggling with addictions. There are two key aspects of the work.  Residential rehabilitation and there are 3 weekly ‘’Women Together’ community-based groups to support those with addictions such as alcohol and drugs. Talitha Koum is a unique work and is summed up like this:

Addiction means you’ve lost control

Recovery means getting it back

Talitha Koum’s hope is to help.

Jackie is now retired (apart from charity work) and living in Suffolk.

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