Women Who Inspire ..

… is back! Women Who Inspire will take place on 7pm Saturday 12th March 2022.

International Women's Day

Women Who Inspire is organised to celebrate the vision of International Women’s Day and is the brainchild of Cathy Ryan MBE. Celebrating women’s achievements throughout history and across nations.

Many women have achieved great things, but there are still those who are struggling and face great difficulties and challenges in their lives. Women can be a driving force to help support those women who are still fighting for their independence and their rights.

Our first Women Who Inspire supper brought together women who shared stories of how they have used their passion and determination to inspire change, motivate and encourage others to succeed; to go forward to fight for their rights, justice, independence or self-worth as an equal. The 2022 event promises to be equally inspirational to help make a difference to the plight of women locally, nationally and internationally.

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